Las Vegas Violin & Viola Lessons

Brill Music Academy is ready to give informative, helpful and individualized viola and violin lessons. From the age of five, children are ready to learn these two beautiful instruments. We have found that although some lesson providers will take children from age three, it is much better if a child begins at age five to really comprehend what they are learning. Starting too young can turn a child off of the instrument when they become overwhelmed, which could be detrimental moving forward with lessons. We aim to have the most productive lessons possible.

Learning a string instrument like the violin or viola means learning best practice right from the start. That is why we ensure our instructors create a safe space for violin or viola students to learn the best techniques while getting the support and instruction they need. Learning the fundamentals first is key, with lessons progressing at the right pace for the child from there.

Starting Out With Violin or Viola

To begin learning any string musical instrument it is of course important for students to understand some basic music skills. This can include anything from reading and understanding music to rhythm to scales. Depending on where a student is in their music knowledge we can help them at their level with our professional instructors.

Once certain skills are mastered, there are different methods of learning viola and violin. We ensure the best method is chosen for the lesson. The Suzuki method is a popular starting point, though instructors are ready and willing to change methods to match each student’s learning style as well as their specific needs. Throughout each lesson, there will be emphasis on ensuring students are always developing their technical skills along the way, such as listening for pitch, sight-reading music and anything else they need extra help with.

Lessons for More Advanced Violin & Viola Students

Advanced students are very welcome to Brill Music Academy. We can assess where a child is with their viola and violin skills and tailor lessons to help them along. It’s important to have an open communication between the child, their guardians and the instructor to ensure the goals the child has are being worked towards and that the child is challenged while still enjoying lesson time.

Students who already have basic viola or violin skills can go on to learn three-octave scales, vibrato and double-stop playing, more in-depth and advanced level bow strokes and so on. Often, students know what they want to work on, and our instructors are well-versed in all of these aspects of the wind instruments. Again, this open communication is vital in ensuring the most is being done during the lesson so the student can continue practicing even when at home.

Practice is an important piece when learning any musical instrument. Students are encouraged to practice between lessons to help cement what they have learned with their instructor. There is an individualized approach to lessons in general, which means the amount of practice of needed or suggested will vary between students and their specific level. The instructor will be able to share more insight into this during the first lesson, and any goals can be changed as students progress.

Our Violin & Viola Teachers

Our instructors have a vast background in their instruments and know how to best teach different level students. On top of being efficient in teaching different levels, it is also important to take into account student age and where they are in their music career. Our instructors understand this and ensure they base their teachings and lessons on all of this information combined.

It’s Time to Start Learning Music

While we often see children beginning their music journey at a young age, all ages can begin playing the viola or violin at any stage in life! We have had first time students well into retirement age. If you have the desire and time, we have an instructor who can help you. Being enthusiastic about the music is incredibly important. Learning the skills needed to play music can be taught, but the drive must already be there.

In saying that, from age five until adult, any aged child, teen or young adult can begin to play these string instruments at Brill Music Academy. Productive learning begins after age five, so from that age on, anyone can learn the skills needed to product beautiful string music. Brill Music Academy is also a great place to find other like-minded music students who are also interested in the same instruments. Finding others to practice with and who are as passionate about the viola and violin as you can be incredibly rewarding.

Brill Music Academy is ready to share with you or your child the wonder of learning to play the viola or violin. Our instructors will cover the basics and help students move along at the right pace for their learning, helping them feel more comfortable and confident in their musical abilities.