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Brill Music Academy

Brill Music Academy was started in 1998 and has since become the leader in music instruction in Las Vegas. Our students experience one-on-one lessons in a comfortable setting. Expect a family-friendly environment with a full-time staff to handle any questions, scheduling and account needs. We provide free Wi-Fi, current magazines and water service while students and/or parents wait for lessons to begin or complete. All our lesson rooms have viewing windows and parents are invited to sit in on any of their child’s lessons. We also provide a rental program for all major band and orchestra instruments. Rent brand-name, quality instruments at great monthly rates. If requested, rental instruments can be purchased at a significant discount. We have certified repair technicians for any repair or refurbishment needs. Providing private, one-on-one instruction on all major musical instruments, we have become one of the largest music schools in the state of Nevada.

8534 Del Webb Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89134

(702) 212-8745



I have tuned for many MUSIC STUDIOS and TEACHERS and ACADEMIES! Fred Green runs a top notch STUDIO with top notch teachers and for those who need a teacher for many instruments his place is made to make you feel like a real musician when you come for your lesson!

My son started guitar lessons at age 7 with Rob at Brill Music Academy. Rob is an amazing teacher for kids. He is unfailingly patient, always in a good mood, and always has a lot of energy and an infectious personality that really engages kids. He is equally versed in classical and rock styles. My son has learned pieces ranging from Bach and Satie to Zeppelin and Oasis. Rob is clearly fluent in pedagogical techniques. If my son is not getting something, he comes up with different ways of teaching it until he gets it. If my son mentions a song he wants to learn, Rob has it the next week. I know that Rob has a full schedule of students, but he always remembers every detail of my son's progress.
Helen A.
We saw Brill Music on the internet and decided to try it out. She was a little nervous at first but her teacher, Jordon, was an excellent person for her to start out with! He is very patient, extremely knowledgeable, professional, always in a good mood, and open to any suggestions she may have. She has quickly learned how to play in the six months she has been taking lessons. I am very proud to let people know my daughter plays drums because it's not that common for a girl to be into that type of musical instrument. This shows how comfortable Jordon made my daughter feel, so much so, she said she as no plans to ever quit the drums. Thank you, Jordon, and thank you so much Brill Music Academy for this wonderful experience!!
Charles C.

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